DEA regulations on iodine

The Drug Enforcment Administration moved crude iodine to a List I Chemical status in 2007, leaving some empty spots in the industry for topical iodine products. IodiTech can help though, in your company’s liquid iodine needs. We offer Ioplex 20 to make veterinary products such as equine shampoos, poultry house cleaners and industrial products such as iodine hand cleaners for food processors. This can help avoid the need to purchase crude iodine.

If your company does  need to purchase crude iodine, IodiTech is fully permitted with the DEA to distribute iodine to legitmate approved users. We are required to monitor the iodine we use in our facilty plus verify that any purchaser of  iodine from us has been approved to use this material. Please help us out by not objecting to the  request we must make for information about your company and your uses.  Everyone has to work together to continue to fight the war on illegal methamphetamine production.

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