About Ioditech

IodiTech is a broad range iodine derivatives manufacturer operating out of Kansas City, Missouri, a convenient Midwestern shipping location. We have the knowledge and resources required to be a reliable and trustworthy supplier.

Operating from our 55,000 square foot plant which was built new in 2013 and placed on line late that year, we offer a modern manufacturing facility, an outstanding Quality Assurance laboratory, primary warehousing, along with our Customer Service and corporate offices.

IodiTech focuses on quality. We utilize current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) and are ISO 9001:2015 certified. All products are made to these standards, including cleaning products. We also feature our internal Standard Operating Procedures to fully implement these quality programs.

With the initiation of our new manufacturing plant, we have a fully redundant iodides manufacturing line, and have partial redundant equipment for all other departments. Much of our processing equipment is dedicated to one product, which ensures our ability to manufacture high purity grades of various iodine derivatives. Many of our process systems are housed in their own separate building section, which further increases our purity profile.

When it comes to using our products, most of your interface is with IodiTech’s Customer Service Center. Our Customer Service Center makes certain that once your order is confirmed, you never have to think about it again under it is delivered. Our order fulfillment process is worry-free.

Quality Assurance makes certain that before any product ever makes it to our Shipping Department, it meets all standard specifications, as well as any special requirements you may have requested. Whether it is a special Certificates of Analysis format, bar coding, internal placards or other requirements, they will be in place as requested.

Whether you are a new customer, or one of our loyal customers of over 25 years, what you will ultimately know “About IodiTech” is that we make your buying experience for products as simple, efficient and cost effective as possible, all while exceeding your expectations.