Commitment to the Future

Supplying high quality products to you is about more than just today, next month, or even the year after this one. It is looking into the future for many years, and determining how to remain an excellent supplier. IodiTech made a multi-million dollar investment in your future needs when we built our new manufacturing facility and corporate headquarters in 2013. The new facility is located on nearly four acres in a popular commercial district of Kansas City. When the time arrives in the not too distant future, we will supplement our current operations with an additional, already designed 10,000 square foot building on our current campus.

We also look to the future as we secure solid, high quality iodine supply sources. We work with a total of five different mining companies, one of which is domestically located. We meet with our suppliers both here in our office, as well as at their corporate headquarters. From time to time we travel to Chile to see our four very valued suppliers located there, and visit the iodine mines in the Atacama Desert. We navigate a turbulent iodine market, so you don’t have to. We smooth out problems before they are problems, and always look to the future when building relationships with iodine suppliers, and our other raw material suppliers.

We look to the future with our employees. IodiTech makes ongoing assessments of our workers, their skills, their advancement steps, even their retirement plans, so we can be prepared for today, and next year. We have set an internal standard for pay so our workers earn above industry standards, and we will retain these high-quality, skilled employees. We offer bonuses, training classes and other tools of learning as warranted, as an investment in our most important asset: employees.

IodiTech is here today, and IodiTech will be here next year. That’s our promise.