Iodine Derivatives

IodiTech is a leading manufacturer of iodine derivatives, including iodides, iodates and liquid iodine products.

Our unique manufacturing techniques provide the ability to make large quantities of very pure grades of all common iodides and iodates. We also have proprietary manufacturing processes that eliminate the common by-products from iodide and iodate creation. This lowers our cost of production while avoiding environmental wastes and hazards.

We offer a wide range of products including ACS grade potassium iodide, ACS grade potassium iodate, and certified grade sodium iodate. We also offer unique iodine feed additives via our Iomate product line.

Our products are intended for use in industries ranging from nylon production to pharmaceutical manufacturing, from feed additives and metal finishing to bath salts. Although we are diversified in the markets we serve, we specialize in iodine derivatives with a commitment to quality, service, and the ability to meet your needs.