Whether being utilized in the exploration and production of natural gas, or removal of harmful elements in power plant emissions, IodiTech can deliver exactly the right product directly to your application site.

We never import our iodine derivatives. We also voluntarily go well beyond technical grade specifications required within the energy market. Because of this, you don’t have to worry about the accidental contamination of products with such things as dioxin, thallium, arsenic or heavy metals. 

Additionally, we can assemble bulk loads in short timeframes and deliver them promptly after the placement of an order. That combination of reliable quality and quick response times is what makes IodiTech continually positioned for success within the energy and environmental sectors.


Our Energy & Environment products include:

Potassium iodide
Technical grade
Free flowing or fine granular

Potassium iodide
45% solution

Potassium iodide
50% solution