IodiTech has specialized in potassium iodide for the nylon and polymers industry since 1967 – longer than any other iodine derivatives company in the Americas region. 

Our continued success in this market hinges on this vast wealth of knowledge and experience along with our ability to make extremely pure iodides and iodide blends. Plus, our cost-efficient process offers more forms of potassium iodide than any other worldwide manufacturer, and allows for the creation of a vast range of custom blends.  

IodiTech has also invested heavily in the stability of our iodine supply with the creation of long-term purchasing contracts, redundant manufacturing processes and a surplus of secure off-site storage. The result is an unmatched peace of mind for our clients.


Our Nylon & Polymer products include:

Potassium iodide
ACS grade
Free flowing or fine granular

Potassium iodide-polymer grade
USP specifications

Potassium iodide
45% solution 



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